Six Figure SMMA Succes Stories:
These are just a few of the dozens of regular people from all across the globe changing their & their family's lives through Social Media Marketing
Adrian Aidid: 0-$7,500 In Less Than 90 Days
Adrian was a tough place in his life, he had just come back from a few year stint working for an events company in America. He returned to his city of Bristol with no passion, no vision & no guidance. He committed to Six Figure SMMA and 90 days later... he now has $7,500 in re-occuring monthly retainers. The guy arrived at my house with so much damn passion and energy. Check out his story below:
Christian Bresser: $4,500 In 30 Days
Christian was about to become a pilot... but he knew in his heart that it wasn't the right call. So he got resourceful and found a friend who helped him pay for Six Figure SMMA. Within FOUR days he landed a client and then scaled even further. Here's his story:
Justin Limpin: $2k - $8k Per Month In 45 Days
Justin went from making $2,000 to $8,000 per month in 45 DAYS with Six Figure SMMA. 
This 19 year old American Entrepreneur is even building out his team and starting to expand his agency at a crazy rate
Quenten & Jovan: $10,000 Per Month In 30 Days
Quenten & Jovan joined the course and within 30 DAYS, we're making $10,000 per month in re-occuring monthly income. They're based out in Canada and here's their incredible story with the teachings you're about to get your hands on:
Andy Perez: Two Client In 2 Weeks
Andy joined the course and within two weeks he already had his first two clients. He's recently got his new office for his agency and is rapidly scaling to the $10,000 per month mark. Click the video to see his story:
Hassan Aboukhadijeh: $6,000 Per Month In High School
Hassan is making $6,000 with his creative agency out in California. I asked him to shoot over some tips for people who are just getting started with Social Media Marketing. Here's what he had to say. Make sure you join Hassan and the rest of the Six Figure SMMA community!
Stener Torstensen: Landed First Client Within 4 Days
Stener was one of the members of the test group and he managed to land his first client within 4 days of joining the course. Here's what he has to say about Six Figure SMMA:
Brandon Closes A $16,000 A MONTH Client Within 30 Days Of Joining Six Figure SMMA:
Philip Goes From Being A Train Cleaner To A Business Owner. Here's His Story:
Pierce Is Doing Over €6,000 A MONTH At The Age Of 16!
Ana Landed Her First Meeting Her First Day Using The Six Figure SMMA Cold Call Script:
Three Days After Joining Six Figure SMMA, Christian Closes A €1,000 A Month Client
Antti Is Doing €2,800 A Month Within 2 Weeks Of Joining Six Figure SMMA
Amin Closes His First Client - 'No Turning Back'
Carl Closes His First Client In His First Meeting:
Kelvin Closes Two Clients In 2 Weeks:
Matthieu Closes A Driving School Based In The South Of France: 
Jorden & Corey Close Their Second Meeting For Next Week:
Guillermo Closes A Meeting Within 24 Hours Of Joining!
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